Friday, August 21, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For....

One distinguishing mark of the addict is the endless search for new experience, for a higher high, if you will. For substance abusers, this often means progressing from softer to harder and more dangerous drugs. For sex addicts it means a pretty much limitless willingness to experiment with sexual couplings of every imaginable sort. Sometimes this experimentation bears fruit, and the addict is led down avenues of new sexual thrills he or she had never even considered before. (Dominance and submission was an area I have found very interesting through the years, for example.) On other occasions, the experience falls so short of the fantasy that the addict is left shaking his head, wondering what in heaven's name provoked him to try *that* in the first place. For years I have wanted to experience a male-female-male (mfm) threesome, ideally with all three participants at least somewhat interested in sensual contact with everyone else. Given my many encounters, it's kind of amazing that I've never experienced this before. (I've come close on many occasions, but somehow the logistics have always gotten in the way. Just within the past three months, I've spoken to several couples interested in having me join them.*)

In any case, yesterday afternoon I received an invitation from a couple I had been in touch with for several months. They hardly represent my ideal, since both of them are clearly significantly overweight, with the husband referring to himself as a "bear" and the wife as a "BBW." But given my inability to successfully meet with any of the other couples I've chatted with through the years, I was loathe to pass on the opportunity, so I accepted. Now, just for the record, let me say that I have no prejudice against overweight people. I am often attracted to women who are less than perfectly fit and I have never for a moment been deterred by adjectives like "Rubenesque" or "zaftig" or even "plump." (I have never really been attracted in any way shape or form to seriously overweight men. Sorry.) But the term BBW—which stands for "big beautiful woman"—now appears to encompass everything from women just 15-20 pounds overweight to those grossly obese and needing to lose something more on the order of 100 pounds. I understand the desire to escape the tyranny of the skinny model and reject the ridiculously unrealistic body image that women have foisted upon them from a very early age. But, I'm sorry, a woman who is 5'3" and weighs 240 pounds is fat, period. I might find her a wonderful person, I might greatly enjoy talking to her, I might laugh mightily at her jokes and enjoy her wit, but under most circumstances I will *not* want to have sex with her. Does this make me some kind of a sexist?

Upon arriving at my hosts' ranch-style home, I was greeted by a naked man and woman of truly gargantuan proportions, the woman surely weighing in at 220+ and the man closer to 300 pounds I would guess. Their family room, which is where she had been entertaining other guys for some two hours before my arrival, was strewn with beer bottles, empty Doritos bags, and various gigantic articles of clothing apparently belonging to my hosts. Although her previous paramours had departed the premises, the female half of the team was clearly still very much in lust, and more than ready for another round as she set upon me like a ravenous wolf on an unsuspecting sheep. What's a guy to do? (Hey, I’m an addict, remember?) I let her have her way with me and, within minutes, I was naked and hard as a rock—I do love that Viagra—as she expertly took my cock down her surprisingly deep throat. The husband settled his substantial girth in a nearby chair and began masturbating as his greedy eyes took in the scene before him. Both offered appreciative comments on the size of my cock—apparently my predecessors had been disappointingly endowed—and quite soon the husband was offering me a condom and the wife was begging me to fuck her. (Normally I prefer to spend substantial time exploring a woman’s body with my hands and my mouth before proceeding to intercourse, but in this case the evidence of previous explorations as well as the difficulty in actually finding certain of my favorite spots made this approach somewhat moot. Furthermore, when a woman is literally screaming, "Fuck me! Fuck me!" at the top of her lungs, I generally find it wisest to comply.) Some men might have fled, some men might have wilted, some men might have feigned illness. Not me. Onward I plunged, fucking her for a good hour, and in several positions—the shift from one to another was more than a bit labored—while she moaned in ecstasy beneath me, beside me, and, yes fearful reader, even on top of me. One interesting component of the experience was her ability to "squirt" when she came, a phenomenon I had heard about but not yet experienced. Since she came three times with me inside her, I was thrice soaked by this surprisingly strong flood of fluid that issued forth from her like some internal fountain brought to life by the power of lust. Her husband happily continued to jerk off throughout the session, occasionally struggling to his feet to put his cock inside his wife's willing mouth whenever our position made such activity feasible and eventually cumming twice down her throat while I was fucking her. In the end, as requested, I pulled out of her, ripped off my condom, and shot my load all over her massive breasts.

What can I say? It was different, it was novel—and, yes, it was kind of gross. I received an email today thanking me for attending and hoping that we could get together again soon. Will I return? Believe it or not, I really don't think I will. But as for the other allegedly fit couple I've been corresponding with? Yes, in a heartbeat.

*Being well hung seems to be almost a sine qua non of these encounters. To all those on both sides of the gender divide who claim that size doesn't matter, I would refer you to the mw4m listings in the casual encounters section of craigslist for a very convincing rebuttal. The number of couples with an averagely endowed male searching for a hung man to join them is truly legion. In some cases, perhaps even the majority, the desire is for a so-called "cuckold" situation in which the husband is to be "humiliated" by watching his wife be "properly" serviced by a large cock; in others the husband is bi and both partners want to experience the new partner to a lesser or greater degree. Needless to say, I am entirely open to all of the above.)

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  1. Since when did "220+" become gargantuan? Big, sure. Hefty, maybe. Large, OK. But gargantuan? Man, that's fucked up. 300 might be gargantuan, but 220? *Shaking my head*


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