Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sex on the Road

I am off on a business trip tomorrow, which means a rare opportunity to host potential sexual partners in my hotel room. I'm a bit behind the eight-ball due to Labor Day weekend, but I will try to make up for lost time today by checking all my feeder sites for potential partners in the city to which I will be traveling. I've been there before and actually have some potentials I will contact immediately in hopes of connecting on one of the two night I'll be there. The calculations frequently become a bit tortured since there is a definite hierarchy of availability. At the top of the chain, representing the gold standard if you will, are women who might be traveling to the same city or who live there and are seeking a one- or perhaps two-night stand. These are extremely difficult to find. Next are the female escorts who are easy to find but of course involve a potential expenditure of funds I may not feel comfortable making at this point. Finally, at the bottom of the totem pole are the men, who are cheap (free) and plentiful and relatively easy to connect with, but whom I find considerably less interesting, unless of course they possess some truly outstanding attribute like a chiseled smooth body or an exceptionally large cock. With a flight tomorrow morning and fairly limited time during my stay, I have only so much time to devote to the search. What's a sex addict to do? How much effort should I put into the search for the gold standard, given the relatively low likelihood of success? Do I feel secure enough in my financial situation to consider the paid option? And just how far am I willing to lower my standards in terms of men to find a partner? (Needless to say, as the adage goes about closing time in the bars, all the potentials get a lot better looking come midnight on my second and last night in town.)

Meanwhile, things have picked up here at home, with three legitimate female candidates suddenly in the picture. The pictures I have seen of two of them do not fill me with overwhelming desire, but when it comes to women I can be very easily turned on, so I will probably pursue all the options. The third seems the most interesting to me for a variety of reasons. She seems to be the smartest of the three; she is also tall, which is a turnon; and she seems very savvy about the nature of these connections and what she can and cannot expect to gain from them. All very appealing indeed.

See Sugasm #172 in the post below this one. It is a compilation of some of the best sex-oriented blogging available. I encourage you to check it out....

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  1. Interesting. I am perhaps your female counterpart, and often have almost as much trouble finding male partners as you do female ones, at least in the European city in which I live. Here the sites are plagued with men who are all talk and no trousers.


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