Friday, September 18, 2009

A Trip to Nowhere

Wow... nothing like too much real work to keep me from my blog. My apologies for the week's lapse since my last post. Sad to report, my trip last week proved to be a study in frustration. The average person, endowed with a healthy but normal libido, might have made some cursory effort to hook up on the road but would have calmly accepted the logistical issues that prevented a connection and moved on with their life largely unperturbed. But for the addict, particularly a married one like me, for whom the logistics at home frequently pose such daunting obstacles, the intense need to connect when on the road can often feel like a brake-less freight train raging through my veins without pause. In this case, my frustration was enhanced by what seemed initially like some highly promising sources of potential success, most notably two--yes, two--couples expressing great desire to meet during my visit. I had been speaking with one of them for several months, while the other popped up after a quick perusal of the local area craigslist postings. When push came to shove, however--I wish there had been some real pushing and shoving--neither couple came through. The first simply disappeared for reasons unknown and the second had thought I was staying through Friday night, which turned out to be their only available time to meet. In desperation, I turned to men as I am wont to do, and had two of them flake out on me as well... Very, very disappointing. In the end, I masturbated three times, once by making the most out of a very nice water pik shower head in my hotel room; any of you who have not discovered the stimulating properties of those wonderful aquatic surges are missing out on some sublime sensations. Properly positioned, with the jet pulsing at just the right speed, and directed quite precisely at the most sensitive spot on the head of my cock, the water can make me cum all on its own. Even though you are controlling the action, the sensation is still a bit like getting a great hand job inasmuch as the water almost feels like an outside agency unrelated to yourself.

I returned to several emails from potential candidates, all of whom seem to present some logistical challenges, so I'm not sure whether any of them will pan out. My dominant friend, D., seems to have disappeared. My friend, M., with whom I shared a wonderful afternoon, has gone largely quiet too. And B., with whom I have had sex on and off for several years, now seems loathe to meet, though we do remain good friends. What is an addict to do? Keep hunting of course. According to the timetable given to me by P., the woman who summarily rejected me upon discovering that I was not as young as she had hoped (in spite of my being entirely clear about my age from the start) and who later surprised me by expressing some interest nonetheless, it is time for me to get back in touch. We'll see about that one. And, as always, there are plenty of men hoping to connect....

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  1. I've not ever used a Water-Pic, but I am a HUGE fan of water masturbation. The first time I ever had an orgasm (at a young age) was under the faucet of the bathtub. I won't even get started on the shower head...

    Hmmmm...good memories.


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