Monday, October 26, 2009

My Darling Domme

Well, it seems that I may be on the verge of actually meeting my fascinating, infuriating, elusive D., the dominant woman I have been dying to meet and submit to for six months or so. The reasons for my near obsession with her are many and various. First of all, she is a genuinely and naturally dominant woman; I learned this from interacting with her for some time, long before we discovered we had a mutual interest in dominance and submission. Second, she is smart and creative and very, very sexually curious. Third, she seems to possess a libido as active as my own--could she be a fellow addict?--which suggests a driven quality capable of overcoming the sometimes difficult logistics associated with two married people like us. It also suggests that, for her anyway, while she no doubt will enjoy the thrill of sheer dominance, of being able to tell me precisely what she wants me to do, there will also always be a strong sexual component involved, which of course is just the way I like it.

For our first session, she wants to instruct me precisely how to suck, massage, and manipulate her gorgeous ample breasts, while simultaneously stimulating her nether regions with her rabbit vibrator. I am not to touch myself or expect any direct sexual stimulation whatsoever, though of course a guy can dream. The final logistics remain to be ironed out but I am hopeful that at last I will meet this amazing woman.

On other fronts, C. and I have decided not to pursue anything. I know I am going to sound like a pig with this comment--if the shoe fits, so be it--but she seemed to want me to work a lot harder to have sex with her than I am really willing to do with someone to whom I am simply not attracted at all. B. and I continue to talk and I am still hopeful of having sex with her again one of these days. But, believe it or not, I really do value her friendship and respect her enormously as a person, so I am not going to do anything to jeopardize the nice relationship we have. Of course the sex with her was without question some of the best I've ever experienced so I will continue to gently urge her toward a renewal of relations...

In the meantime, I have had sex with two different men, both of whom were a cut above the recent collection of men I've met with, which was a nice change of pace. The second one in particular, a man I met with two or three years ago, was actually quite a turnon. He had lost 30 pounds since our last meeting and gotten pretty buff--much of the improvement coming from a brief stint in jail amazingly enough--and he *really* wanted to meet.... Our session was held in an unoccupied part of an office building, where I found him naked and jerking off in one of the empty offices. He wanted me to dominate him, which I did, forcing him to swallow my cock and eventually standing over him and shooting a load all over his naked chest. I also got a chance to explore his entire body as he presented himself to be fucked--I did not do so--in a variety of positions. I generally do not get into fucking men very much, but with this guy I may make an exception. The other guy was in pretty good shape as well but, after promising to give me a great blow job, was disappointingly limited in his oral technique, seemingly able to only handle 3 or 4 inches of my cock down his throat. I might give him another try, but more likely in a group than one on one...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Red-letter day

You just never know what the day may bring. As an addict, I always remain alert to the possibilities, I always check my various sources, I always make every effort to remain in touch with all the candidates I am working at any particular moment, and then, often with the blood boiling in my veins, I wait. And I hope. And I search. Many days--no, most days--end in frustration with next to nothing to show for my efforts other than the small residual pleasure to be derived from the sense that I am leaving no stone unturned, no possibility unexplored. But on other very rare days, like this one, the planets seem to position themselves in such perfect alignment that everything seems to fall in place. Let me catalog the day:

D., my dominant woman friend to whom I have been dying to submit has agreed to accept my gift ($$) and meet with me. The expenditure of funds--a one-time thing I am reasonably certain--was a bit painful, but the reward is potentially truly fabulous. She describes herself as possessing extremely sensitive breasts, and during our first session she wants me to arouse her with my mouth and hands on her lovely nipples and her wondrously pendulous breasts. (I have seen pictures.) If I perform this task reasonably well, she may place her shaven pussy on my mouth as well and allow me to suck her and taste her and cover my face with her luscious and hopefully copious juices. My sense is that she derives great pleasure from such sessions.... and my hope is that this might perhaps be the first of many....

A new candidate, let's call her C., agreed to meet me today. With a genuine errand to run, I was able to get out of the office and meet her at the location we selected together, a local park. She is significantly overweight, but pretty, and though uncertain at first, I became fully won over when we kissed and I found myself instantly hard. I have actually not heard back from her yet, but I feel confident she will want to meet and will want me to fuck her. I also have this sense that she will be *extremely* passionate... for now I greatly enjoyed the making out, and the foretaste of what may be to come...

After leaving her, I texted my old friend B., whom I truly adore, and was able to meet her for a quick conversation and a little making out too, before heading back to the office. She is so sexy, so sweet, so smart--I wish I could find a way to see more of her and I wish the relationship was not so intrinsically lopsided. She needs a real relationship... and the man who ends up having one with her will be one extremely lucky guy... for now we are not having sex... but of course I continue to hope she may change her mind... Kissing her was bliss and there is no question about the ongoing mutual desire we still have for one another... but for now she is abstaining.

Finally, I got back to the office to find multiple frantic messages from two men I have been chatting with, both of them available and wanting to meet asap. My faithful readers surely know my response to that, which was to invite them both over and engage in an oral threesome. One of them actually turns me on quite a bit for a man, in part because of his nice tight body, but also due to his amazing ability to generate truly porn-worthy massive cum shots, with his emissions--as many as 7 or 8--often traveling as much as 5-10 feet. Why is that feat such a turnon for me? Who can understand these things? But it is, and I usually shoot pretty hard myself immediately after witnessing one of his prodigious orgasms. I certainly did today. The third guy is considerably less attractive but he has a nice thick cock that is fun to play with and he seemed to function as a good complement to my hotter friend and me. Of course, I would much preferred to have met with any one of the three women discussed above, but all the making out had me very horny and I needed a release. As is often the case, men proved to be the pathway of least resistance.

So there you have it... one candidate (D.) nearing paydirt, so to speak, another (C.) with a very promising beginning, and a third (B.) kept simmering, hopefully for another day. Finally there were the reliable guys to get me off in the end when I needed it.

I've certainly had much better sex... but I've rarely had a day as potentially productive as this one. Welcome to my strange little world.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sex on Venus & Mars

Here is a typical IM/email exchange with a potential male sex partner that, based on his online profile and pictures, I find at least somewhat attractive:

Him: Hey, great cock, I'd love to suck it. (Sometimes he will want to get fucked, a desire that would entail a longer conversation--I very rarely fuck men.)
Me: Sounds good, you look hot too. Where are you?
Him: About 10 minutes away. Can you host?
Me: Yeah, are you d/d free and sure of it?
Him: Absolutely
Me: When can you be here?
Him: I just need to shower, I can be there in 35 minutes. OK?
Me: Yeah, call me on my cell at xxx-xxx-xxxx when you get here.
Him: Hot, talk to you then.

That's it--deal done. Within the hour he will be on his knees happily sucking me off. If I really do find him attractive, which is pretty rare, I will initiate a more active session, with body contact, mutual oral, and even (rarely) kissing if he has a particular look that turns me on. In any case, the session is not likely to last much longer than 15-20 minutes. If it is reasonably good, there is a decent chance we will have a return engagement. If not, we will part company and never speak or communicate in any way whatsoever again.

I suspect that my female readers, with some exceptions I'm sure, will find this scenario alien and, for the most part, repellent. I am currently hoping to connect with a woman from one of my feeder sites, who is quite open about her desire for a relationship based almost entirely on sex, but even she wants to chat, get to know me a bit, share a meal, etc., before jumping into the sack with me. (In her case, I do think there is a chance the first meeting will lead to sex that day, but no meeting will take place until we've communicated online quite a bit.) And, when we get to the main event, I can absolutely guarantee that the sex will last at least an hour--considerably longer if our schedules permit--and will involve pretty much every body part each of us possesses.

For me, the dynamics are pretty simple. I would much prefer the fuller, more mutual, extended experience with a woman to whom I am fully attracted and whom I find compelling as a human being. But I am indeed an addict, and, to paraphrase Stephen Stills, if I can't be with the one I love, I will, most certainly and with very little hesitation, love the one I'm with...

The nature versus nurture debate, particularly applied to gender, is never ending and in all probability is not amenable to solution anyway, but even granting the conditioning girls go through to encourage attention to interpersonal issues, I cannot believe that there is not a strong innate biological basis for these starkly different approaches to sexuality. I'd love some feedback on this one....

By the way, though I would never be so presumptuous as to even hint that I am in any way unique, I am guessing that my level of experience with both men and women is relatively rare. Even assuming that bisexuality (and its many, many gradations) is more common than most people think--and I most certainly think that it is--you'd have to slice that population a good bit smaller yet to find the sex addicts in the mix, and I suspect you'd come up with a pretty small group that has had the level of experience on both sides of the gender divide that I have. So I guess I qualify as at least somewhat of an expert.... For whatever the hell that is worth, which probably isn't much.

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